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Do you have a question about Lab 24? Below is a list of frequently asked questions.
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  • - Predictive & Diagnostic Genetic testing
    - In-house performed qualitative immunoassay testing
    - In-house performed quantitative confirmations with highly accurate LC/MS/MS technology
    - An extensive drug testing offering
    - Customizable drug testing panels
    - Consulting services with industry-leading staff geneticists and toxicologists
    - Timely, easy to read reports
    - Multiple reporting options
    - Point of Care (POC) screening devices
    - Customized collection and pick-up services

  • - Industry-leading turnaround time
    - Customizable panel options
    - Diagnostic laboratory expertise
    - Multiple billing options including a direct bill to insurance and client bill (where allowable)

  • Customer support at (800) 641-0133 can assist with facilitating your request.

  • - 24 hours for immunoassay-qualitative results
    - 36 hours for LC/MS/MS quantification
    - PGx Testing- 5-7 days
    - CGx Testing- 10-15 days
    - UTI Testing- 48-72 hours

  • Customization allows you to tailor your monitoring protocol based upon the unique needs of your practice and patients. Contact your sales representative or contact customer support at (800) 641-0133 to discuss the value of test panel customization to your practice.

  • - Our normal business hours are M-F 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. EST.
    - After hours contact: info@lab24inc.com

  • - Automatic delivery of your results via fax server-no paper printing required.
    - Automated delivery of our results into your EMR through an HL7 interface.

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