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Molecular Pathogen Identification Technology

Qualified: A veteran led, experienced scientific and management team with over 100 years of combined laboratory expertise.

Committed: Our mission is centrally focused on improving patient outcomes, reducing costs for healthcare providers/payers, and delivering outstanding customer service.

Certified: Our facility is Joint Commissioned/CLIA certified. CAP certification complete in 2020. We currently provide the highest quality diagnostic and genetic laboratory testing services with a focus on data mining analytics.

Compare the differences!
UTI Logo
  • 1Standard lab processes
  • 2Only 65% Accuracy
  • 33.7 Day turnaround
  • 4No checks for domant infections
  • 5Resistance reporting
LAB 24
  • 1Proprietary technology and laboratory processes
  • 299% Accuracy
  • 324 - 48-hour turnaround(from arrival at the lab)
  • 4Checks for dormant infections with treatment
  • 5Sensitivity and Resistance reporting
Clinical Data Points
  • Molecular Icon Diagnosis of UTIs by clinical criteria alone has an error rate of up to 33%
  • Molecular Icon Lab 24’s qPCR testing has a 24-48 hour turn around time,compared to 3-5 days for a standard culture.
  • Molecular Icon Traditional culture will miss over 90% of polymicrobial infections • (C&S: 2/34 vs. qPCR: 34/34)
Messaging: AIM for 24
    • Identifies 99% of all pathogens and antibiotic resistance
    • Culture alone has an error rate of 33%
    • Over 25% higher sensitivity for UTI pathogen detection
    • 24-hour TAT
    • Pathogen detection often missed by culture alone
    • qPCR technology
    • Reduced antibiotic exposure
    • Improved clinical confidence
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